Empower Network Costs

So you’ve heard about the Empower Network and now you want to find out the costs of joining, getting set up and so on.

Who can blame ya?

I mean, people don’t exactly outline the EXACT costs involved now do they?

In this short blog posts, I will be outlining ALL the costs involved when joining the Empower Network – so lets get started!

Getting Started – The blogging system – $25

So, by now I’m sure you’ve all heard great things about the viral blogging system. This is the “entry-level” and costs $25 per mon to use. Let me put that into perspective.

The blog is on a authority domain and gets indexed faster and is more trusted in the eyes of Google. People think that $25 is expensive but when you look at how hard it is to create a authority domain, let alone the time and costs involved (thousands) $25 a month is a steal.

The “Affiliate Fee” – $19 per month (Optional)

This is an optional cost. If you would like to promote the products inside of Empower as an Affiliate and earn 100% commissions you WILL need to pay this fee. However, if you want to use the blog for other purposes and follow the training assigned the course to build other/your own business this fee is not required.

I would 9/10 people want to promote EN so the “get started” today fee if you were to join would be just under $45 per month.

The Inner Circle – $100 per month

This is the first “up-sell”. The Inner Circle consists of motivational mindset trainings as well as interviews with some of the top earners. If your just getting started, I would recommend you get this since its mindset training. If you don’t have the correct mindset when joining ANY business, you probably will fail.

The Costa Rica Intensive – $500 ONE TIME PAYMENT

You pay this once. Basically the Costa Rica Intensive was a private event held at Dave Woods house in Costa rica and cost over $5,000 to attend. They decided to record the whole thing and package it up in stunning HD quality videos so that everyone could learn. This training consists of SEO strategies,  blog writing skills, copywriting and tons more.

The $15k Formula – $1,000 ONE TIME PAYMENT

The cream of the crop. As you tell by the name, the $15k Formula consists of different methods and strategies to get you earning $15k per month. Just picking one of these methods and implementing then will get the ball rolling for you. I highly recommend this product as it took me from earning around $500 a month, to baking up wards of $10,000 per month!

TOTAL COST – $1,625

Now remember, all the costs are OPTIONAL. You don’t need to buy the other products to see results, however it is recommend as it will fast track your process. Not only that, it also allows you to earn up to $1,625 every time you refer someone to Empower – Remember, we get 100% commissions!

I’d also like to point out that this is a BUSINESS and should be treated as such. This isn’t another one of those fly-by-night here today gone tomorrow $47 GURU product launches, this is a REAL BUSINESS and as such should be treated like one.

I like to think of it as a franchise. They took the hard work of creating a product, paying the copywriters, getting hosting and domains, hiring lawyers and so on, and let you  ”buy in” for just $1,625. Compare that to the buy in to start a McDonalds franchise of $250,000 and you can start to see the potential here.

My name is Jon and I’m apart of the Prosperity Team – the largest team inside of Empower. When you decide to join, you join our team…our family. To see what benefits we have to offer you, please click here

Look forward to seeing you aboard,


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