Your Mobile Money Site Review

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Your Mobile Money Site is the latest product to follow the “mobile trend”. At some point I’m sure you’ve all purchased a product based around mobile marketing however Your Mobile Money Site is a little different.

Instead of paying your usual $49 and getting access to a members area with training, you are expected to buy hosting and a domain through their affiliate system and in return you will receive a “optimized mobile money site”.

They use “Cloud Hosting” which charge pretty ridiculous prices in comparison to places like GoDaddy and Host Gator but hey, this is where they product makes are making their money…By promoting hosting as affiliates NOT by making these so called money sites.

If you choose to purchase you WILL get a mobile optimized site, usually one that promotes amazon products – but again this is nothing new and we’ve seen it countless times before.

All in all its a VERY expensive affiliate site which you could easily create yourself and download a free plugin to convert it so as it’s mobile friendly.

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Want proof it works?

My sponsor within the program is Josh Monroe – I’m sure you’ve heard of him? Check out his INSANE results using the system for a few months


Not bad for a few months ‘testing’ a proven system and model, right?

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